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Sunday, March 04, 2029

What's New at The Temple Guy?

Here's a listing of new, COMPLETED posts and pages, with the most recent listed first. (There are lots more in various stages of construction, but these are DONE.)


November, 2023:

Of course, LOTS has happened in the past few years, most notably my Temple Tales Newsletter (and Podcast) on Substack.

But of special interest today is that I've just finished transferring/recreating my "Ascent of Hsi Lai Temple"--literally the first major project of The Temple Guy, written as a paper at Hsi Lai University (now University of the West) over 20 years ago!

It may be of limited interest unless you're planning to visit the temple in Southern California; but still, it's where my interest in temples--and my desire to understand them and communicate that understanding--really got off the ground.

Take a look!

October 2019:

September 2019:

August 2019:
  • Completed the transfer of FaceBook albums to the archives here
  • Completed the transfer of my Chinese PilgrImage postcards from another site to the archives here
  • Made significant progress on transferring and completing the Shenzhen Daily "Key Temple" articles to the archives here. (I moved all that had been completed on the other site; more to do, and all the more important since most are now inaccessible at the Shenzhen Daily site)

July 2019:

May 2019:

Technical Note: Older posts are dated according to when I visited the site (or sight) described. That is, if I went to Yufo Temple in Shanghai on August 26, 2009 (which I did), the post about Yufo will bear that date and an approximate time. (For sites visited numerous times, the date of the first visit will usually--but not always--be used.) Any site can be found more easily by using the Guide pages or the Search box.
More recent posts will contain more general information: profiles of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, reminiscences of my travels, etc. I'll also use them to tell you about other activities (like videos or podcasts--soon!)
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