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Ebooks, monographs, source documents: This is the place to find materials that go beyond even the rich offerings of The Temple Guy sites!

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Chichibu Travel and Visit Times: a two-page Word document giving the timings for a six-day walking itinerary of the Chichibu 34 Temple Pilgrimage, from Sumiko Enbutsu's Chichibu: Japan's Hidden Treasure. FREE 22KB


Hong Kong Temples List: A 59-page Word document with names and addresses (in English and Chinese characters) as well as phone numbers for some 350 temples spread throughout the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. (Sourced from one of Hong Kong's 18 district offices.) FREE 437KB

Selected Hong Kong Temples: This 18-page Word document offers a deeper dive into 39 temples located in Hong Kong. (Sourced from one of Hong Kong's 18 district offices.) FREE 275KB

Updated July 25, 2019

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