Problems Viewing Google Maps?

If you click on a map link to go to the live Google map (or if you zoom the embedded map really really big) and:
  • there's "nothing's there": click the "Satellite" view button in the bottom left (in Chrome, at least) and you should see the actual buildings:

  • there are gray building outlines, but no names, try zooming up and down; Google maps labels may change at different zoom levels:

In either case, you may have to "click and hold" and use the fist to move the map around. Try zooming in and out, going to satellite, or using Street View (if available) to get different perspectives on the site. (Street View involves dragging the little man in the bottom right--"Pegman"--onto any blue lines that appear on the map, and then clicking-and-dragging or zooming in or out to change the perspective. Try it!)

The gate to Shikoku Temple #1 using Street View

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