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Slowly, slowly, I am deactivating my old page. I expect to kill it definitively in July of 2020.

But there's still plenty of good stuff there, so I'm migrating some of it to other sites (mainly here, and at

Eight previous projects will be housed here on the new, improved The Temple Guy:
  • My Aki Meguri (Guide) (Blog): The once-"live blog" of my 10-week journey through Japan in 2001, including a walk down the Old Tokaido highway, a visit to the ancient Yamato area (Nara and Asuka), and the 88-temple pilgrimage around Shikoku Island.
  • An Ascent of Hsi Lai Temple (Guide) (Blog): Based on a paper written when I was studying at Hsi Lai University (now University of the West), this is an exhaustive (if not exhausting) look at the "largest Buddhist temple in North America" (maybe) as it was in 2002 or so, along with descriptions of the figures found there.
  • Archived Posts (Guide) (Blog): Many of the temples and other sites I wrote about are scattered across various section of the old site. They will be brought together here in no particular order (but with "labels" to help in searching).
  • SZD Temple Articles (Guide) (Blog): These are my "China's Key Temple" articles as submitted to the Shenzhen Daily from November of 2011 to June of 2015. Numbering over 170, many have been augmented with expanded text, additional pictures, and map information. Sadly, the Daily's online versions are now inaccessible.
  • SZD Buddhism Articles (Guide) (Blog): Also written initially for the Shenzhen Daily, from June of 2015 to October of 2017, these 110+ articles, lightly illustrated, focus on the figures and features of temples, as well as the lives of the Buddha and the Buddhist "saints," rather than on any particular temple.
  • China Temple Postcards (Guide) (Blog): From September 1, 2012, to the end of February of 2013, and again from September 23 to November 15 of that year, I created and shared one "postcard" a day, each depicting one place I had visited in my travels. (The break was due to the death of my father.) I think you'll enjoy these "PilgrImages" (get it?)
  • China Facebook Albums (Guide) (Blog): Starting with my tenth trip, I began posting albums on Facebook during each journey. I'm moving them here for safekeeping.
  • My Old Weebly Website (Guide) (Blog): This was a major effort, now defunct, to catalog all the places I'd been, and start writing them up. The Temple Guy is the heir to that intention, but some of what I put there is still worth a look.
  • Some Old Projects: Just a page that lists old blogs and whatnot that have littered the interwebs for far too long. Sooner or later, they'll all end up on The Temple Guy or my other site, Or in the bin.
I will also be "mining" much of this for inclusion in fancier blog posts here on The Temple Guy. Enjoy!

Last updated September 27, 2019

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