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Howdydoo! Welcome to the static, visible home of the TEMPLE TALES Newsletter and Podcast!

The Temple Tales newsletter is available by subscription (it's FREE!). Use the box in the sidebar to sign up.
  • The Temple Tales Newsletter is fewer than 500 words (like a typed, single-space page) with illustrations, and contains a link to an audio episode (usually under five minutes, and never over ten.) It's delivered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (evenings in East Asia, mornings in America).
  • Now, here's something special: ONLY the emailed newsletter--not the blog, nor the podcasts--will end with a few "thought questions" to help you integrate the lessons in each edition into your own life, addressing the question, "How can this benefit YOU?" There also will be a "secret group" on Facebook--available ONLY to newsletter subscribers--to discuss those questions.
  • Newsletter subscribers will also receive occasional "extras," short ebooks or similar publications (that will also be for sale here at TheTempleGuy.org).
To hear a podcast, click the link below. The "Show Notes" will actually be just a blog version of the newsletter.
  • Podcasts are also available separately on your favorite "podcatcher"--iTunes, Google Podcasts, and Spotify for starters (suggest another using the sign-up box!). [Links coming soon.]
Topics for each issue/episode include:
  • Temples and/or the Figures found in them (Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, etc.) [I've been to a LOT of them--like around 700 in Japan and China alone!]
  • Historical Figures, especially famous Japanese and Chinese monks;
  • Buddhist and other folk stories from Japan and China;
  • The Buddha's teachings (Dharma) and the background and contents of Buddhist scriptures (Sutras)
  • Scenes from the Buddha's life
  • Reviews of Buddhist books and films
  • PLUS, occasionally, I'll cover similar topics but instead of focusing on temples, I'll zoom in on the Spanish missions and Native sites of California, Baja California, and the American Southwest--all part of my travels and longtime interests.
So PUT YOUR EMAIL IN THE BOX ABOVE (if you haven't already) OR, alternately, send it to me at thetempleguy [at] gmail [dot] com. (It'll be kept safe, I promise! And you can unsubscribe at any time just by asking.)

In true, bloggy, annoying fashion, the most recent episode is listed first in the posts.


"Podcast" links are to iTunes. You can also scroll Spotify for another source, and sear4ching "Temple Tales Newsletter and Podcast" on other podcasting services will likely prove satisfying!

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