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Here's a listing of all the live Google maps I've created for The Temple Guy (so far).

How to Use the Map Controls:
  • Use + /- or mouse wheel to zoom in and out.
  • Click to close the hand to move around.
  • (The two functions above are accomplished with two fingers on mobile devices.)
  • Click the square-with-arrow on the left to open or close the index of sites. (Works better if you zoom in first.)
  • Click the three-dot thingy to share the map with others.
  • Click the "four corners" in the upper right to go to the full map
Problems Viewing Google Maps? Read this.


Four big pilgrimages, lots of small ones, and a very long walk


There's a strange little quirk when we consult Google Maps in China. The Map version and Satellite versions are not in sync; that is, when you change from Map to Satellite, you'll have to cast about for the proper location, usually within a half-mile (or a kilometer), but it could be in any direction, depending on how that particular area is (un)synced. Throughout The Temple Guy, I use the Map coordinates; those who wish to see a "bird's-eye view" of the sites will have to compensate. (As a consolation prize, I'll usually put a screenshot of the Satellite view in the main article about each temple, along with the "inaccurate" Satellite coordinates. Copyright be damned!)
  • All Temples and Sites in the Chinese Mainland: The 142 plus others
  • China's 142 Key Temples: The main pilgrimage I did in China (read about the pilgrimage here)
  • Other Temples and Sites in China: Outside of the 142 (read about the temples here)
  • Temples in Hong Kong (read about the temples here)
  • Temples in Macau (read about the temples here)


Native American and Spanish remains in the Californias and the Southwest
  • Missions and Old Churches in California: The famous chain of 21, plus asistencias (sub-missions, 4), presidios (forts, 5), pueblos (towns, 3), and estancias (ranches, 13), and two extraordinary missions on the Colorado River
  • Missions and Ruins in Arizona: Padres down on the border (4) and up on the mesas (5); ruins left by Anasazi, Hohokam, Sinagua and other native peoples (24+)
  • Missions in Texas: San Antonio (5), El Paso (2), and Goliad (2), plus a presidio chapel at El Paso
  • Missions in Baja California: Including the Jesuit (17), Franciscan (1), and Dominican (9) foundations, along with some of the original sites and visitas (sub-missions)

Last updated May 14, 2019

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