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My Google Maps

Here's a listing of all the live Google maps I've created for The Temple Guy (so far).

How to Use the Map Controls:
  • Use + /- or mouse wheel to zoom in and out.
  • Click to close the hand to move around.
  • (The two functions above are accomplished with two fingers on mobile devices.)
  • Click the square-with-arrow on the left to open or close the index of sites. (Works better if you zoom in first.)
  • Click the three-dot thingy to share the map with others.
  • Click the "four corners" in the upper right to go to the full map
Problems Viewing Google Maps? Read this.


Four big pilgrimages, lots of small ones, and a very long walk


There's a strange little quirk when we consult Google Maps in China. The Map version and Satellite versions are not in sync; that is, when you change from Map to Satellite, you'll have to cast about for the proper location, usually within a half-mile (or a kilometer), but it could be in any direction, depending on how that particular area is (un)synced. Throughout The Temple Guy, I use the Map coordinates; those who wish to see a "bird's-eye view" of the sites will have to compensate. (As a consolation prize, I'll usually put a screenshot of the Satellite view in the main article about each temple, along with the "inaccurate" Satellite coordinates. Copyright be damned!)


Native American and Spanish remains in the Californias and the Southwest


Rambling around Asia...
Note: Maps will be added for Singapore and Indonesia as I begin to post about visits to those countries.

Last updated December 2, 2019

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