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Pretty soon I'll be offering one-off lessons and full courses at low, low prices.

In the works:

  • Buddhism with Chinese Characteristics: A 20-lesson (or so) course introducing basic ideas of Buddhism as I understand them, more-or-less shaped by my experiences in China.
  • Meet the Statues: Ten or so lessons on the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Kings and Generals, Arhats, and (mostly) historic Patriarchs you'll see in a typical Buddhist temple.

These are video-based lessons with a written text, and a forum for discussion on Facebook. There may also be some face-to-face discussion via FB video chat.

Also, I'll be starting a video series called Temple Tales soon, covering my travels, Buddhist teachings, folk lore, the figures you'll see in temples in China and Japan, and more. You will be invited to chat about any of them "live," for a nominal fee. Stay tuned!

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