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A technical note: Blog entries for places visited will be in the order visited--that is, if I visited a temple in China on a day in 2009, that will be the date of the blog entry. Current entries--dates in 2019, say--will include background information and let you know What's New?

Each of the following serves as a sort of "Sub-Guide" to the topic. Go explore! The first two of these are still (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) but the place-based Sub-Guides are ready for viewing, as are all Google maps.

  • Figures and Features Found in Temples: A listing of the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Kings and generals, Arhats, and historical personages found in the temples of Japan and China (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
  • A Pilgrim's Progress: A record of what I saw, where, and when--in chronological order (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Note: The three routes above together constitute the "Nihon Hyakku Kannon kasho," the 100 Kannon Places of Japan.
Note: The two experiences above were undertaken in a single journey--largely on foot--of just over 10 weeks.
  • Pilgrimages inside Tokyo: One long and six short pilgrimages inside Tokyo dedicated to various Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, etc. (ten Shinto shrines, too!) done over a couple of weeks (2004) (list to be added)
  • Other Temples and Shrines in Japan: Independent sacred sites encountered in my travels (1997-2010)



(from travels in a previous life--mostly pre-1997)

Last updated July 12, 2019

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