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Welcome to the new and improved home of The Temple Guy!

Please use the links below to go to further guides (and to get some idea of what this site covers). Or, if you prefer, just browse the blog.

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Now, let's go have some fun!

A technical note: Blog entries for places visited will be in the order visited--that is, if I visited a temple in China on a day in 2009, that will be the date of the blog entry. Current entries--dates in 2019, say--will include background information and let you know What's New?

Each of the following serves as a sort of "Sub-Guide" to the topic. Go explore! The first of these is still (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) but the rest of the Sub-Guides are ready for viewing, as are all Google maps.
  • Figures and Features Found in Temples: A listing of the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Kings and generals, Arhats, and historical personages found in the temples of Japan and China (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
  • A Pilgrim's Progress: A record of what I saw, where, and when--in chronological order (currently Japan and China only)
  • My Google Maps: A full listing of the maps I've made, as linked at the bottom of each sub-guide

Note: The three routes above together constitute the "Nihon Hyakku Kannon kasho," the 100 Kannon Places of Japan.
Note: The three experiences above were undertaken in a single journey--largely on foot--of just over 10 weeks.
  • Pilgrimages inside Tokyo: One long and six short pilgrimages inside Tokyo dedicated to various Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, etc. (ten Shinto shrines, too!) done over a couple of weeks (2004), as well as my first-ever pilgrimage in 1998
  • Other Temples and Shrines in Japan: Independent sacred sites encountered in my travels (1997-2010)



(from travels in a previous life--mostly pre-1997)

(Old websites being moved here and used as source materials)
(See here for more information on each)
  • My Aki Meguri: (Guide) (Blog) A 10-week journey through Japan in 2001, including the Old Tokaido highway, the Yamato Area, and the 88-temple pilgrimage around Shikoku Island.
  • An Ascent of Hsi Lai Temple: (Guide) (Blog) A look at the "largest Buddhist temple in North America" in 2002
  • Archived Posts: (Guide) (Blog) A gathering of scattered posts from the old site
  • China Temple Articles: (Guide) (Blog) Augmented versions of my "China's Key Temple" articles from the Shenzhen Daily (November, 2011, to June, 2015)
  • China Temple Postcards: (Guide) (Blog) "Postcards" of my China travels published daily from September 1, 2012, to February 28, 2013, and from September 23 to November 15, 2013
  • China Facebook Albums: (Guide) (Blog) Facebook albums from my tenth trip onward
  • Temple Tales Articles: (Guide) (Blog) 110+ articles about the figures and features of temples written from June, 2015, to October, 2017, for the Shenzhen Daily
  • My Old Weebly Website: (Guide) (Blog) An effort to catalog all the places I'd been
  • Some Old Projects: A page that lists old blogs and whatnot destined for The Temple Guy, the bin

Last updated October 21, 2019

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