Ruins in Utah and Colorado

Fremont-style anthropomorphic petroglyph at the McConkie Ranch, Vernal, Utah

Though the idea of Spanish missions in Colorado and Utah is not completely outside of the realm of possibility, there are simply none extant that I know of.

Native American ruins, on the other hand, abound.

As I have done with Arizona and New Mexico, I have included here most or all of the sites listed in various editions of David Grant Noble's Ancient Ruins of the Southwest.

Incidentally, Noble lists the following as among the earlier peoples occupying the Southwest (alphabetically): the Anasazi, Clovis, Fremont, Hohokam, Mogollon, Salado, and Sinagua.

I have visited a handful of these sites, however briefly, and will link to posts about them as I go along. (And if time permits, I may write a little something about the ones I haven't been to, as well. The wonders of the internet--and an excellent library acquired to support my travels!)

Native American Ruins in Colorado:

  1. Anasazi Heritage Center (map / Wiki)
  2. Chimney Rock Archaeological Area (map / Wiki)
  3. Dinosaur National Monument (map / Wiki)
  4. Escalante and Dominguez Ruins (map / Wiki)
  5. Hovenweep National Monument (map / Wiki)
  6. Lowry Pueblo Ruins (map / Wiki)
  7. Mesa Verde National Park (map / Wiki)
  8. Sand Canyon Pueblo (map / Wiki)
  9. Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Park (map / Wiki)
Native American Ruins in Utah:
  1. Anasazi State Park (map / Wiki)
  2. Bluff Great House (map / Wiki)
  3. Buckhorn Wash Pictograph Panel (map / Wiki)
  4. Butler Wash Ruins (map / Wiki)
  5. Canyonlands National Park (map / Wiki)
  6. Dinosaur National Monument (map / Wiki)
  7. Dry Fork Canyon Petroglyphs (map / Wiki)
  8. Edge of the Cedars State Park (map / Wiki)
  9. Grand Gulch Primitive Area (map / Wiki)
  10. Hovenweep National Monument (map / Wiki)
  11. Moab Area Rock Art Sites (map / Wiki)
  12. Mule Canyon Indian Ruins (map / Wiki)
  13. Natural Bridges National Monument (map / Wiki)
  14. Newspaper Rock (map / Wiki)
  15. Nine Mile Canyon (map / Wiki)
  16. Sand Island Petroglyph Site (map / Wiki)
  17. Sego Canyon Rock Art Site (map / Wiki)
  18. Three Kiva Pueblo (map / Wiki)
  19. Westwater Ruin (map / Wiki)
Just for fun, I may throw in some of the many historical American sites--ghost towns, the remnants of the Pony Express trail in Utah, a re-enactment of the "Golden Spike" ceremony, old cemeteries, etc.--that I visited while living in Utah in early 1995.

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